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Best App for English Learning

In this modern age, learning doesn’t only take place in schools or formal environments. Learning can also take place in the comfort of your home using learning apps at your pace. Unlike in the past, kids now have the advantage of using kids English learning apps. These apps simulate a real learning environment with complimenting learning activities. English learning apps provide kids with pictures, videos, and songs that stimulate learning in more efficient and fun ways than ever. Numerous kids English learning apps have been developed to aid kids with their learning in super entertaining ways. These methods include language games, pictures, and videos. This helps kids retain what they learn while actively participating in language lessons. 

Moreso, kid’s English learning apps are designed to be interactive, which allows the kids to be actively involved in the learning. This style of learning engages the kids to use the said language; in this case, English, more frequently than any other method of learning. So rather than a fixed timetable for learning, the kids learn at their own pace. And unlike conventional classrooms, these kids can learn anywhere they are, as long as they carry their mobile devices with them. Below is a list of  the best English learning apps:

Best English learning apps 

  1. Gus on the Go: this app is a multi-level lesson that contains animated adventures of an owl through ten different lessons of ninety vocabulary words. It’s also designed with games that motivate the learner as they complete each lesson. Also, it has an audio speaker feature that helps with the pronunciation.
  2. FluentU: this learning app is one of the most advanced kid’s English learning apps. Among other features, FluentU has a child enabled feature called the “learn mode.” This mode gives children access to videos like cartoons, music, and example sentences, which entertainingly enables effective learning. FluentU is also suitable for adults because you can pick your own pace and material, making it fully personalized and flexible.
  3. Teach Kids Language: The Teach Kids Language app is designed to teach kids the spelling and pronunciation of common vocabulary words. The words are common terms that children often use, words like colors, numbers, shapes, animal names, clothing, and more. This app uses fun-like-methods like games, quizzes, and puzzles to help with learning.
  4. Studycat:   searching for an approachable language course for children? This app, Studycat, is an interesting choice aimed at children ages 3-10. This app merges the perks of everyday language courses with fun games, making the lessons more appealing for children. Besides, fun, animated images will attract any user’s interest. Lessons contain common words like colors, food, animals, body parts, and more. These lessons present concepts repeatedly in different contexts to reinforce their meanings.
  5. Fun Easy Learn: this is also a multiple level structured lessons that increase the difficulty as a child progresses in levels. This app is mainly designed for children as it contains visual and audio contents that are particularly appealing to them. It contains over 5000 to 6000 words that are systematically categorized. Entertaining games are also incorporated for amusement.

English learning apps are an excellent instrument for learning English. They are quick, easy to access, and fun. It comes as close as having a micro classroom on your mobile phone –  to use whenever you have some time to spare. While apps can’t replace your real-life teacher, they do great jobs on improving your English language. Many offer games for vocabulary, grammar lessons, storybooks, and audios.