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Can You Park Your Car at the Airport?

Traveling has indeed become a necessity. Whether it be by car, by train or by plane, no one can really argue how traveling has become a major part of our lives. In order to travel, one requires all the important things such as the information regarding the destination, the type of vehicle to be used and the place to be in order to access the vehicle. In the case of traveling abroad or to another city far away, air travel is the best option. For air travel, the traveler must make their way to the airport where he must board the plane according to the set protocols. The most important thing at the airport, especially if you are traveling alone, is the safety of cars. Car parking is available at almost all airports throughout the world but it comes at a cost. Every airport in the world charges the traveler for car parking. For instance, at the San Francisco Airport, the SFO short-term parking cost is $2 for every 15 minutes.

Why is it important to park your car at the airport?

Having the peace of mind when your car has been parked at a safe and secure position is second to none. It is very important to find a secured spot for your car so you do not spend your time at the airport worrying about what you left behind. It is recommended that even if you are making the airport visit short, your car should always be parked at the airport in order to avoid any sort of hassle. Many airports provide state of the art car parking spots and facilities. These facilities include underground or open-air parking garages, security cameras for surveillance as well as secured spots so that there is no need to worry about your car.

Types of parking fees

As said earlier, parking at airports is not free at all. However, it is not that expensive as well. Having your car secured is much more important than giving some amount of money to park the car. Usually, there are two different types of the parking fee. These include the short-term parking fee as well as the long-term parking fee. The short-term parking fee usually is for all the people who leave their car parked at the airport for a minimal period. This may be around 45 – 60 minutes at the maximum. Such a parking fee usually revolves around the bracket of $2 to $5 per 15 minutes.  The short-term fee is usually charged per every 15 minutes. The long-term parking fee is relatively cheap since the car is left at the airport for a much longer period of time. It is usually charged in terms of an hourly rate. This type of fee is especially for all those people who look to park their car for a relatively long period of time, usually 4 – 24 hours. On average, the long-term parking fee lies in the bracket of $24 to $40 per 24 hours.