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How can I get real followers on Instagram?

Whenever you start a profile or a business, it remains of high concern that you aren’t getting that much likes on your posts, or there is not much engagement on your profile. Most people start to give up when this happens because they feel that less engagement in the short run would mean that their page or business won’t be a successful one, and they will not be able to achieve the goals that they have set.

Moreover, to attract customers and more followers, your account must have a steady rise in followers. In the society we live in, people follow trends. They would start following an influencer who has developed a strong follower base. On the other hand, a new influencer with a small number of followers would not be able to flourish well.

A large number of followers also help in increasing one’s motivation. When you know that people want to see your content and that they would engage or appreciate your work, you tend to put in more effort and do more hard work to make your followers happy.

There are several ways that you can use to increase your followers. In today’s world of advanced technology, these ways are not only confined to hardworking methods like the very mainstream ones. You can always adopt more technically advanced and up to date methods. One of these methods is that of giving your account to reputable companies like SimplyGram who would attract organic followers towards your profile and help you achieve a significantly large number of follower base in a short time.


What are the benefits of having real followers?

When we talk about followers, there are two types of Instagram followers. Real and fake ones. Fake followers are like robots that like and comment on your pictures automatically, whereas real ones are actual people who find interest in your work and tend to follow you because they find what you are doing interesting and helpful.

The purpose of applications like simply gram is to attract people towards your profile and bring you in the spotlight. They assure you that the followers they will bring will stick with you for life and ensure engagement and reviews on your posts.



Appreciation for any work is really important. It boosts your confidence and gives you the energy and dedication to work more. When you have real followers on your profile, you will tend to be more interested and devoted to doing work and creating content that people would want to see. It shall be made sure that in the desire to have more followers, you do not forget the idea that followers mean something only when they are real and organic. Robotic engagement would only be a source of happiness for you in the short run, but in the long run, it would only lead to further problems and difficulties.