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Is Teeth Straightening Necessary?

A study survey that was conducted in 1998 showed that only 35% of adults have aligned teeth. Teeth misalignment is genetic hence can be passed to your children involuntarily. This has led to a lot of individuals visiting an orthodontist to correct their teeth and some opt for In-Home Teeth Straightening. Both have benefits as they aim for the same goal.

Teeth straightening has a vast number of benefits such as correcting speech, improve oral hygiene as the teeth are well spaced, and gives one a confident smile with aligned teeth. In addition to the benefits, straightening teeth can reduce irritation of the inner checks caused by friction between cheeks and misaligned teeth.

What is the difference between in-home teeth straightening and orthodontic services?

Teeth straightening services done from home are not as safe and convenient as services from an orthodontist. A doctor uses a computer to come up with the right shape of braces or aligners for your teeth. In addition to this, booking appointments allows monitoring of any shapeshifting or movement of teeth.

Teeth alignment done from home might do more damage to the teeth especially when the wrong aligners are worn. Follow up on when to change to another set is hard to tell and this can do serious damage to the dental formula. On the other hand, orthodontic services can give the time range expected to fully correct the teeth.

What options do I have to straighten my teeth?

The two common options widely settled for are using braces or aligners. On the other hand, one can settle for a mini surgery to correct the dental formula with the correct after-surgery services. Teeth filling is common but not that popular nowadays. Extremely elongated teeth can be filed to be of normal size.

Using veneers; these are thin outer shells made of porcelain attached to the front of your teeth to cover blemishes. This is a cheap method that can be done at home with personal guidance to achieve straight teeth.

At what age can I get my teeth straightened?

Anyone can get their teeth straightened. However, children below the age of ten are advised to wait until their mid-teenage. This is because their teeth are still growing and can take perfect shape at an older age. Teenagers are most recommended when it comes to teeth straightening especially those between the age of 13 and 19. Modifications made at this time become permanent when the child grows into an adult.

In case you are past teenagehood and are still considering having your teeth straightened, it is not too late to achieve your perfect smile.

What changes do I need when going through teeth straightening?


One is required to adapt to a softer diet as hard foods can cause pain to the teeth or interfere with the alignment.

Toothbrush and dental floss

When going through dental alignment, you are required to use a softer toothbrush most times provided by an orthodontist. They also give special dental floss and all you need to do is follow instructions. Take your pain killers as the process of teeth shifting positions can be quite painful and cause you inconvenience.

In conclusion, teeth straightening depends on individual preferences as one can prefer to have their teeth straightened while someone else can adapt to living with this.