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Is There a Limit to Instagram Followers?

Instagram, like any other social networking site, is only relevant to the extent of social or economic benefits it brings to the user. As an Instagram user, your desire is to be visible to as many people as you can, with the end of interacting with your followers or simply drawing attention to a product or service you are sharing.

Instagram enables you to interact with your followers, primarily through photos and videos so in terms of visual appeal, the website scores fairly high, only coming second to YouTube. But just like it is hard to find friends on Facebook, it is even harder to find followers on Instagram.

But let’s face it; it is a social media platform and socializing should come naturally. But how do you go looking for these followers? The answer lies in buying them. However, before you proceed to buy Instagram followers, it is important to remember there is a cap on the number of people you can follow as well as those that can follow you.

So, Is There a Limit to Instagram Followers?

The answer is a resounding “yes”. So, the real question should rather be “what is the limit?”. According to Instagram, it is imperative to limit the number of people that you can follow. The site has set the limit to 7500. But let’s face it; how many of us would wish to follow so many people? Naturally, it is even difficult for most of us to keep tabs with 1000 people we follow on Instagram, so 7500 is clearly out of the question.

In case you seem to be approaching this limit, the website will send you alerts warning you in advance of a possible violation of ToS. But even before this happens, it is important to check if all those accounts you are following are actually worth following. If you spot any delinquent or irrelevant accounts, it is time to “unfollow” them and create room for more important accounts to follow. The first people you should unfollow are those who do not follow you in return.

Apart from the 7500 cap, the site also restricts the number of people you are able to follow within a given period of time. For instance, the site will alert you and restrict your ability to follow more people if it senses you followed too many over an hour or one day period. Essentially, you can only follow or unfollow 160 people within a period of one hour. Of course, this is something that can change any time depending on the website’s risk assessment and efficiency monitoring reports.

The site is yet to place a limit on the number of people that can follow you.

Why Would You Need More Followers in the First Place and Where Do You Get Them?

As we have already mentioned, the main reason behind going for more Instagram followers is so that you can expand your image; either at a social or corporate level. This video details some of the most followed celebrities on Instagram in the world. For them, following comes naturally. However, the truth of the matter is that it is very difficult to get natural followers. This is where buying of followers come in. If you need more information on Instagram following or on any aspect of this dynamic social media platform, feel free to check out xplodsocial.com