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Pros of Sending Automated Text Messages

There is a reason why successful businesses and corporations make use of text message appointment reminders. If you look at the communication industry, service providers can also make use of voice calls and emails as appointment reminders as options. They could also choose to send them an invitation to Zoom or meet video call. But in the end, they have chosen with texts. What could be the reason for this?

In this article, we seek to find out the benefits behind the use of automated text messages by companies. Administrators in private practice will get a fresh perspective by reading the following article.

Save time and money

Our ancestors coined the phrase “time is money”. And if there is a place on this planet where that phrase is treated as gospel, it is at the place of business. Sending appointment reminders via SMS saves on valuable office time.

Time can be spent on other activities at the business or handling clients who are already at your office.

Fewer Mistakes


Automated text messages are structured on a template that is agreed upon with your message service provider. The booking reminder will have no mistakes, capturing the day and time of the appointment as well as the client’s name. Mistakes can be costly to the business. But with an automated text service, you are assured of quality and efficient service.

Analysis of the market

Text messages are digital information and with the help of your service provider, you can be able to store, track and analyze this information. You also can get some important data that will help you diversify your business or improve on the current service. If you have a marketing or advertising department, such information can be key to seeing what alternative plans should be rolled out and to what segment of the demographic.

Higher effective rate

Compared to the other forms of reminders available, text messages have a higher rate of being opened. A disadvantage of using emails is that the emails that you are sending to your client could be heading directly to their spam or junk folder. There is also the issue of an internet connection. Without one, the recipient will never receive the notification. Emails have their place in the natural order of things. But when it comes to quick and effective communication between two people, text messages have an upper hand.

The ‘unsubscribe’ option

Some consider such reminders a bother to them. They are highly organized and will make their way to you on time. Sending them an email and a message irks them. With the automated message service, they can simply opt-out easily. The same cannot be said of emails.