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The Most Common Misconceptions About Private Investigators

People hire private investigation companies for a variety of reasons and have certain expectations for those who deal with their issues. Often, the expectations go beyond the abilities of the investigator concerned. People believe in common misconceptions about private investigators that we frequently see in the popular media, but some are not true at all. Here are some common misconceptions about the private investigators that are wrong and should not be expected even from the leading private investigative company you may like to visit.

They have authority, and they can avoid the law.

Private investigators are licensed persons who have more access and privileges than the general public, but who are not above the law. If they are arrested while they are heathen or violate the law, they can be arrested and tried like any other citizen.

Give you full financial records.

Many people falsely believe that the research firm they employ can provide them with the full financial records of someone else. Most investigators will not even be able to confirm that the person has a bank account. A good investigator can give you information about bank accounts that someone owns in their name, but you can’t get any information that goes beyond that legally.

Have access to private information:

A typical picture of private investigators indicates that they have backdoor entries to secret and classified law enforcement agencies to help with the case. But this is not the case in real life. Private investigators cannot access any information, such as police intelligence. However, they can locate hidden information to provide leverage through their contacts or provide information for future requests and citations. Also, a lot of information is considered a public record, but it is not visible to the common eye. IPs are experts in investigating and retrieving this information.

Comprehensive background checks

That is a prevalent misconception about private investigators; full back checks cannot be submitted. When they hire their service for the background check, they will collect all publicly available information. Anyone who offers more than that exaggerates the scope of their services.

Phone records

You may have seen private investigators on the screen, looking for telephone records to help them in investigation process; this is also a myth. Investigators can only go further to see which provider the perpetrator is using; however, they cannot access the person’s detailed call logs.

Credit information

Due to some new restrictions, no third party can see anyone’s credit records. The only way an investigator can access a person’s credit information is by informing them, which is not the most secret way to conduct an investigation.

Get video evidences from anywhere.

People expect investigators to record anything and everything a person does when they are under surveillance. That may not be away from the truth, as the investigator must comply with privacy laws so that the risk of loss of evidence or possible criminal or civil prosecution can be avoided.


Now that you know what you shouldn’t expect from private investigators. You should use it better for the services they can offer you. You can visit and contact the best investigators and conduct comprehensive inquiries about the services you need before renting them.