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What are some trends in 2020?

This is indeed one of the best times to review the best Instagram trends with respect to 2020. Even though most of this year has been filled with negativity and bad news especially with respect to the worldwide lockdown owing to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, there have been great developments especially with respect to some online trends. Indeed, there has been a great increase in online usage with people spending much greater time online on their mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

Today, we will highlight some of the most popular and perhaps the biggest Instagram trends of 2020.

The Increase in Instagram Shopping

There is no denying the fact that 2020 has been the year of eCommerce. This boom has occurred primarily because of the lack of access to physical retail outlets due to the global pandemic. With the increase in online shopping, social media platforms have also upped their games to accommodate better and make the most of such an opportunity. Indeed, Instagram is one of those platforms that has developed into a great shopping destination for different customers seeking and exploring various businesses throughout the world. With introducing beneficial tools like the Instagram Checkout, where businesses can build online stores much easily and conveniently, shopping has become much easier for an average consumer. More businesses are getting access to the Instagram shopping feature that enables creators and shoppers to collaborate effectively and benefit each other in the process. A lot of businesses use  Instagram organic growth services to enlarge their audiences. Apart from increasing the number of their followers, businesses are now using more creative features to promote their services or products. 

Instagram Live becomes more popular

With people being stuck in their homes due to lockdown, a great way to engage the followers and the audience was to use features like Instagram live that soon became extremely popular on the platform. According to data published by Facebook, the Instagram Live feature became more accessible so much so that its usage increased by almost 70% in this time period. This is a great way to interact with your followers as well as your friends in a much more direct and a much more candid manner.

New Instagram Stickers to Support Local Businesses

Instagram was quick to recognize the efforts of small startups in its own unique manner. Indeed, many small startups were adversely impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus, and so everyone contributed in their own unique manner to support local startups. Instagram did the same as well. It responded by introducing some interesting features online. One of the main ones was the support small business sticker. With this feature, users can highlight small businesses on their stories and posts by using this sticker. Such stories and posts will be accessible to a much wider audience who can see every story that uses the same sticker. With this feature, the business can gain a much greater reach and can even increase the chances of getting more and more customers and ultimately buyers for their products and services.