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What Do You Drink with Caviar?

Caviar is a real delicacy to tantalize your taste buds in a luxurious manner. This fish roe is one of the most prized foods available. Among a variety of expensive caviars available including Beluga caviar and Ossetra caviar, Sevruga Caviar is one of the costliest. If you are a Caviar lover or trying it for the first time, you might know that caviars need to be served especially.

Along with delicious servings like potatoes, blinis, or toasts, in order to experience the real gracefulness of caviar, they should be enjoyed with the right drink. People from different countries around the world have it with different drinks. The choice of the drink will also be based on whether you are eating it as a whole or as a garnish. While Champagne or Vodka is the most popular choice to combine with this Sturgeon laid delicacy, some people also prefer white or red wine as far as it’s concerned.


The crisp flavour of Champagne adds to the taste of salty caviar. It is a perfect partner with bubbles and acid taste. The delicate flavour of the caviar increased manifold if served with the right flavour of French Champagne. Combined together they give a refreshing sensation with a superb dry feel.


Another best suitable companion of the plush caviar is a rich glass of vodka. If you are having Sevruga Caviar, then nothing is superior to a chilled Russian Vodka brand. It goes perfectly well with worlds most sought after food element. If you are not serving caviar as a garnish and serving it by itself, then vodka is a perfect choice.

White Wine

Whether you are having caviar as garnishing or as a whole, a rich crisp white wine will do the magic. A not too sweet white wine like some Chardonnays can be combined with your caviar indulgence. You can also go for some French wine, most of which are better options to go with caviar. The exclusiveness of caviar when combined with a classy white wine it works wonders.


No wonder Japanese dishes go really well with caviar. The clean crisp finish of sake arouses the same magic as other dry drinks. It is a great alternative and goes quite well when caviar is served with Sushi, sashimi or other Japanese dishes. Cold nice brand sake enhances the flavour of caviar whether eaten whole or as a garnish.


The most amazing things are sometimes not so palpable. The taste of caviar gets enhanced if it is accompanied by a drink that clears the palate. Water has the required spark and clarity and refreshes beautifully.

The delicate caviar is an indulgence in itself and doesn’t require any companion as such. But it’s always fun to try some extraordinary combinations to get something interesting in life. You can also try your caviar with beer, sherry or dessert wine. Adding a tint of lemon can be a great idea to enhance the experience. The rich caviar deserves a rich partner.